Wootton Unified Domains

Get your club a website, own a subdomain under wootton.club
Connect with students, teachers, local communities and more!


We believe that the internet is the future, and a unified domain name for all our clubs will help our school clubs communicating with their club members, teachers, or to the entire Wootton or local community.

The entire project is aimed as a charitable project from Hack Club, as well as Hack Foundation 501(c)(3), to the Wootton community - no personal profits shall be made from any websites hosted under the domain.

Who's backing it?

Wootton Hack Club is a local branch of Hack Club Organization. Members will explore topics in different computer science fields such as game development, algorithms, open source software or other smaller code snippets. They will learn and communicate in order to freely create their own projects, and conduct researches related to the computer engineering field.

We believe in the power of coding, and with our workshops, you will be walked through building projects. Starting out, you won’t understand how the code works, but you’ll build understanding as you go. You’ll get stuck along the way, but we’re here to help.

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